31 Dec 2012

Goodbye 2012

I held off posting during the month of December. The month of December has always been important to me.  Afterall, Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year.  Aside from the 1st Christmases of my three preemies, this Christmas has been one of the greatest times for reflection and thankfulness I can recall. Going into my oldest son's afternoon Christmas concert only minutes after hearing of the unthinkable act that took place in CT was like a slap in the face and yet another dose of reality that a child's life is so precious and you never know when the unexpected will happen.  I think we all know how much I appreciate my children, but if it's even possible, that event made me appreciate them even more.  Initially I wanted to get to my blog and write a rant about the entire situation, but I figured the media was doing a good job of it on their own. They're the professionals. I avoided my blog and my desire to rant and I was able to put my focus on something else--the things that really matter--my kids. So December was filled with even more time focused on kids, snuggles, playtime, craft time and hanging out. It was a wonderful month with my family, especially the over the holidays.

During the month of December my youngest son (Twin B) and I could be found in our region's McDonald's Restaurants on the serving tray sheets. Of all places I thought my face might show up, it never occured to me that it would be on the trays people eat food off of. Why would our picture be on such a strange thing? Well, we were able to help the Ronald McDonald House Hamilton with their fundraising again and it was a great experience. A lovely photo of me and my son was found on the sheet, along with one of my many thoughts about how much the Ronald McDonald House offers families with sick children in the hospital...The timing of this photo and quote is bittersweet. 

The quote goes like this...
"When I pictured having babies, the picture never included medical interventions and long term hospital stay, beeping alarms, hospital gowns and gloves. When the unthinkable happened, and my babies had to stay at McMaster Children's Hospital 50 km from my home, the one ray of light was Ronald McDonald House Hamilton. At RMHH my husband and I found a comfortable place to call our "home away from home" so we could be at our babies' bedsides at all times of the day and night. RMHH allowed us to provide our babies with the type of care that only a parent can."

As much as our children have changed our lives, the RMHH and hospital did too...

And the photo looked like this...

Overall, the year 2012 was very productive for my family, including me.  We were introduced to the world of Junior Kindergarten. Our twins continue to develop and catch up to their peers. They are turning into such spunky, funny little men--all three of them.  I completed 3 months of training to become a certified Peer Health Worker for my region's Public Health unit and I will be carrying out this role in my local Parents of Multiple Births Association, which goes into effect tomorrow, January 1, 2013.  I look forward to this role, as I'll be able to connect with and provide guidance and advice to expectant and new parents of multiples. I also started working on a voluntary basis with Multiple Births Canada on the Preterm Birth Support Network, which is a brand new network and I am working with a wonderful woman who has 30 years' experience working with expectant parents and parents of multiples (having multiples herself.) We are currently developing the "PBSN" and we look forward to working with parents of preterm multiples across Canada. This is an exciting venture, which will kick into full gear in 2013.  My actual paid, full time work, has also been very exciting throughout 2012 and I look forward to my gaining even more knowledge and experience with my online work with clients and through social media.

Finally, here is a little list of my Top 10 Things to be Thankful for in 2012...
1. My kids
2. Family/Friends
3. Health and progressive development
4. Our employment
5. Our house over our heads
6. Our daycare provider
7. Our support network-specialists, therapists and anyone who has helped us along the way
8. My local Parents of Multiple Births Association and the friends I've made there
9. Multiple Births Canada
10.New opportunities

Best wishes to everyone in 2013! May it be all you hope and dream.

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