29 May 2011

My Ever-Expanding Circle of Friends

I love my Facebook and recently started fiddling around on Twitter.  I started using Facebook in 2007, just before I got married.  I had a few "likes" and followed a few companies, interests, and people on Facebook, but not too much.

Lately, based on the fact I have been on maternity leave and have FB online most of the time, I noticed something...I laugh at how much the topic of babies/children, especially premature babies have engulfed my life and taken over my Facebook page!  Prior to having babies my Facebook page was something I used to chat to my closest, long time friends and get re-connected with long lost friends.  Now if you look at the "face" of my Facebook you can see who I am and what I stand for or what matters to me by my "likes," which have most to do with prematurity awareness, special causes, NICU topics, twins/multiples topics, mom-to-mom sales, baby products and baby driven companies and so on and so on!

The great thing about all of this, is that Facebook and now Twitter enable me to connect with others who have been going through similar struggles and ups and downs that my family and I have over the last few years.  If my own friends have not experienced what we have, that's no problem, I can reach out to the many amazing people and useful groups online and get to know others' stories and feel like I am connected to others that "get me."  I can also get peoples' thoughts and suggestions when it comes to some of the needs of my twins and how to ensure they are getting the attention and everything they deserve when balancing them with their older brother's needs.

My cell phone plan is coming up for renewal and I told my hubby that given the fact I will have to return to work after the summer, I am not returning without being equipped with a really good Blackberry or iPhone, with all the social network access possible!  I will seriously go into FB/Twitter withdrawal if I am not some how connected to all my newfound friends and supports! :)

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