24 Mar 2011

Welcome to Twintrospectives!

Welcome to Twintrospectives!  After an 11 month rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs, turmoil and joy, I can finally say I have a good grasp on the realities of my family life with three young boys and have some time to share my thoughts along the way.  This blog will be introspective and my outlet to discuss observations of family life and the world around us. 

My twin boys are almost one and I wonder where the time went.  After spending over 3.5 months in a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU,) which felt like an eternity, the rest of the year--although extremely busy with a jam packed calendar--has felt like a breeze.

I hope to provide other parents of premature (preemie) babies the opportunity to discuss and ask questions, discuss anything and everything "multiples," talk about parenting kids whether you've got "singletons" or "multiples," and see where else this blog takes me.

Please join me on this new journey and share your thoughts and comments along the way! :)

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