11 Aug 2011

Fire It Up!

Yeah...I just made a Busta Rhymes reference...and on to today's thoughts...

I've been blogging a few months now and it has become something I really look forward to.  It has become something fun and meaningful in my hectic life.  I'd rather sit for a couple of hours at night reading others' blogs, interacting with others, and working out my own thoughts, than sit infront of the tube staring aimlessly at some T.V. show that will most likely put me to sleep.

Recently, while I was away on vacation, I received a "Fire Award" from a fellow blogger who likes to stop in and read about what I've got to say.  It's a pretty awesome feeling to know that other people are out there, sharing in my blogging experience.  To click on my comments section and see what people have to say is very rewarding.

I used to write in a journal for I'd say over 10 years.  The difference between that and this is all the interaction, laughs and exchanging of anecdotes through blogging.  The journal was a place for my quiet, personal thoughts and reflections...kinda boring in hindsight!

The Fire Award was awarded to me by Holly at www.twinsplusone.comThe rules of the award state that the recipient must list seven things about themselves and then pass the award to 10 other deserving bloggers!

I don't usually talk about "myself" outside that of being a mother to my preemie babies.  Having three premature babies has engulfed my life and has been my main focus, especially on my blog.  So here are 7 things my readers probably don't know about me:

1. I usually make up to 4 cups of tea or coffee during my days at home with all three boys.  I don't usually finish a single cup and if I do get around to finishing one cup, it's usually more like an "iced coffee" or "iced tea." EW!

2. I am a college and university grad, who is considering going back to school AGAIN.  My husband thinks I'm nuts, but this is the way of the world these days!

3. My return to work is in T minus 20 days and I am excited, but also a little depressed about this. :(  I will enjoy getting back out into public with people that don't know me as "the twins' mom," but know me on a professional basis.  I will, of course, miss my daily interactions with my babies and oldest son, while they are at daycare and I am busy at work.

4. My favourite music is reggae.  People would not normally guess this if they don't know the true me. LOL.

5. My favourite colour is pink in a house filled with blue.

6. I am an Employment counsellor and I love helping people find work, develop a new career path and basically figure out who they are.  Most people look at work as a means to an end (moolah,) but many are now trying to figure out who they are, what makes them tick, and then what jobs would be best suited to them.  I love helping people with this!

7.  If you're familiar with Personality Dimensions or True Colours, you will understand there are four colours: Green, Gold, Orange and Blue.  These are "personality" types.  I am a Green.  I ask a lot of questions, I research, I retain information.  "Knowledge is power."  I can also be very opinionated because of my Green-ality. :)  My "second" colour is Gold.  Gold individuals are goal-oriented, dependable and take on leadership roles, among others. You can find out some basics of these colours by clicking here: http://www.theslideprojector.com/pdffiles/learnertypes.pdf or http://users.trytel.com/~jfalt/Temp/pd-full.html

Now on to 10 other Bloggers who are "On Fire..."



  1. Congrats again on the award! I love reading your posts!

    I felt the same mix of emotions returning to work, but I'm also lucky to have a job that I love. I've been spending the last week working in my new classroom and I'm getting really excited about teaching Pre-K now. I'm still nervous since I'm used to 1st/2nd grade, but I think it will be really great in the long run! :)

  2. Twintrospectives12 August 2011 at 08:20

    I love my job and the people I work with too. So that is a bonus when it comes to going back to work. I have been off for 16 months and I am truly ready to get back into work and figuring out my new reality! LOL. I think I am going to be mentally and physically drained for the first few weeks.