25 Aug 2011

One Year Anniversary

This past weekend we celebrated our 3rd and final 1st Homecoming (Discharge) Anniversary!  This final celebration seems to stand out the most.  One year ago after several months of waiting, wishing and hoping, we brought home Twin B to make our family whole and living under one roof.

It's hard to believe one year has passed since the twins came home!  I feel like I can recall just about every single day of our NICU stay in 2010.  The time in the NICU felt like we were on slow motion or our life had been left on pause and then eventually shifted into standby!

First hour home together August 20, 2010
They've officially invaded each other's space!

During the year after discharge our life has been anything but slow.  I have managed to get my kids to 298 appointments in the year since they were discharged.  Yes, that's what I said...298.  That seems insane, doesn't it?  As I've said before, just because you've left the NICU does not mean you will no longer have a connection to the medical world.  In the first few months I was seriously running on auto-pilot.  Sleep, wake, nurse, bottle, shower (maybe), drive, sit in waiting rooms, fill in paperwork, paperwork, paperwork and on and on and on!  Usually my first meal of the day consisted of a bagel or a sandwich by around 2:30 or 3:00, when most of my appointments were winding down for the day and I was heading back out on the road.  This is why I can now say, without a doubt, pack a snack and some bottled water.  I started to get the hang of doing this after a couple of months.  The first few months I was still trying to figure out how to get two babies and my 2 year old toddler out the door, get the 2 year old to Nana's or a babysitter's and to our appointments on time. 

Then winter came...On a normal, uninterrupted morning I would get myself ready (not including a shower or food for myself) and three kids ready and out the door in about an hour and forty-five minutes.  That's nuts!  Breakfast was on the road or at Nana's for our 2 year old.  I missed the days of showering, getting myself ready, getting my 2 year old ready and out in much quicker fashion. 

Sadly, there were no Mom and Baby events for this Mama or these babies.

Getting caught up on some snuggling with each other

The times that these events run are when I'd be sitting in a waiting room or helping with physiotherapy or other activities for the twins.  I enjoyed seeing my babies grow and learn over the months, but I did miss interaction with other "normal" parents in normal settings.

Although the first year was extremely busy and tested my abilities and determination as a mother, I am proud of how hard my family and I worked to achieve this very special milestone.  I am thankful and glad I was able to have the opportunity to take them on or have them at the house for almost 300 appointments.  There was a time just a little over a year ago I was not sure I'd get the chance at all. :)

Throughout their first year there have been many memories, but aside from our final Homecoming, there were two especially memorable experiences this first year as a family of five.  First, there was Christmas, which I've always loved to celebrate.  December 2010 was probably my happiest Christmas ever and it was so exciting to have well babies to celebrate a First Christmas with.  In actuality, they did have their first bout of the flu, so they were a little groggy, but we started our Christmas Eve family dinner tradition anyway.  They were the best gift that Christmas!

Our second memorable experience this past year was definitely our first family trip.  Off to a cottage for a week.  No air, no shower in the cottage, but 3 little boys, a lake and a boat is all that we needed to have an awesome time!

Hanging at the park, August 2011

This past year I have taken well over 5000 pics of my 3 cuties, watching them all grow.  My photography gene has really kicked in since having kids.  My camera keeps a running count of all the pictures I take on it, which I think is hilarious.  It really puts into perspective what a camera addict I am!  I can understand why my 3 year old no longer wants me to take pictures and I have to ask his consent to get him to smile for the camera these days! LOL. :)

The end of one year is bittersweet.  My babies have grown stronger, are learning and starting to achieve many milestones at a quicker pace, but I will also be returning to my full time job in one week.  I'm looking forward to seeing how our second year together unfolds, with my husband and I running 3 kids to their respective daycares, getting to work and hopefully not pulling all our hair out in the process. :)

Future Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?


  1. thanks for sharing your story! They are beyond adorable. Happy bday to them!

  2. Such a beautiful story. Your blog inspires me every time I read it! You will do wonderfully once you get into a solid routine with childcare and work. My husband and I have been able to make it work for over 3 years now and we only have one vehicle. :)