9 Jul 2012

Mommy Brain Moments

As moms, I think we all suffer from "mommy brain" every now and then or maybe you call it "momnesia."  The moments where we're doing something and in the midst of whatever it is, we forget what we were trying to do.  Why is this jar of baby food in my hand again??  The moments where we walk the house looking in every nook and cranny and couch crevice, just trying to find the elusive TV remote control...only to find it a few hours later in the fridge with the baby bottles.  Sometimes we lack the ability to multi-task because we're feeling exhausted and put things in the most random and ridiculous places.  Sometimes we re-wash our hair because we can't remember if we just did a second ago!  Little silly things.  It's a lot of work looking after two babies at one time...nursing them, feeding them, making sure they don't fall off couches or change tables and so on!  It's a lot to pay attention to and keep focused on, especially when you're awake every two hours during the nights.

You begin to dream of changing diapers, feeding babies and washing bottles...because that is the daily routine. Over and over and over again!  You begin to dream of sleep in your sleep.

You do other silly, random...shh don't tell anyone I did that...things...such aaaaas...

You get the motivation to go out to the lovely outdoor market without another adult for backup support.  The market will be packed, yet you have high hopes your gigantic double stroller will either easily clear a path or people will be helpful and hold the doors or not swarm in droves around your stroller to get by you quickly.  You'll hope you'll be able to manoeuvre your double stroller into the family washroom space, without the door knob getting stuck on your clothing or diaper bag as you rifle inward.  Squeek, Squish, Squuuueeeeze in! Or not...After realising the market idea was a major task to take on, you begin moving quickly to pick up a few things to make it worth while and walk back to the van...all you want to do is get everyone packed back in the van and jet out of there...FAST!  Mama needs a coffee!  By now, you are probably pretty tired.  Parked on the side of the road, you just want to get the kids in the car safely and move on and get home soon.  As you pull away, drive down the street and come to the stop sign, do a right and begin driving away...you have a sinking feeling you've forgotten something. But what could it be?? Sinking feeling...Look in rearview...Make sure nothing has come flying off the roof of the van and landed on the road behind us.  Nothing.  Sinking feeling.  Pull over and slam the van in park...Really bad sinking feeling. Jump out of the van and run to the back and yank open the gate.  No double stroller!!?? Oh. My. Gawd! Where was I parked, which little side road?? I can't remember! The fact you are seriously lacking sleep leaves you feeling completely unsure of your answer and you jump back in the van and drive quickly back toward where you think you were parked...yet you're really not sure...so you begin slowly creeping along streets, peering down each upcoming intersection...There it is! The stroller, standing all alone, right where you left it on the side of the road!  You "discreetly" pull up, keep your head down and jump out of the van and hope no nosey neighbours are watching from their windows laughing their heads off at your dumb momnesia moment and get that big honking stroller in the back as fast as possible...which really will never be a fast task.
You sheepishly drive away, laughing at how dumb a move that was!

Another good stroller episode I had was, yet again because I had just experienced a long day, this time at the hospital.  Rounds of appointments, lots of waiting and lots of conversation, Q&A's and so forth.  Finally time to roll out, take the elevator down, answer lots of peoples' questions about twins along the way.  Get the kids packed in, get in the driver's seat.  Have to back up this time because of the spot we're parked in.  What's that mild crunching noise I hear??  Oooooh yeah! Forgot the stroller again and this time I just thought I should attempt to do some Side Impact Testing on it by backing up.  Eeesh!  Now I'm probably laughing an insane cackle as I put the stroller away and again hope no one is laughing their heads off at me.

You go through the drive thru one morning to get the "usual" coffee and bagel.  Chattering away to the babies and looking in the rearview mirror at them as you wait your turn to order.  Keep chattering away, pull up to the window and you find the customer service rep staring at you blankly.  You blankly stare back.  Then it suddenly dawns on you that you completely drove by the order speaker and pulled up to the window without actually placing an order. Duh.  Mommy Brain. 

When your husband comes home and asks how your day was, you respond, "Absolutely fantabulous, of course!"

I have many of these silly moments.  And if you're a mom, I'm sure you do too!  I've got more and I'll share them another time, but not this time because I'm tired.

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  1. I totally did the same thing with the drive through the other day!! Trying to calm my upset toddler as I expectantly awaited my coffee...totally drove past the order place and straight up to the window. It opened and I just laughed. oops. haha. Thankfully getting a medium regular coffee wasn't too much of a challenge. I laughed at myself after.I just have one toddler and my 2nd is on the way this Fall...I'm sure I'll face many more an experience like these. Thanks for checking out my Vent Machine blog today! Nice to know there are other out there experiencing the same things...very encouraging reading other mom's 'real' experiences!! God Bless!