4 Oct 2012

We give thanks

This weekend is Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to being able to spend time with my family and some great friends to give thanks.

We have had so much to be thankful for over the past several years--family, friends--strangers.  Some of the greatest and life altering friendships came to us through new relationships formed with complete strangers.  We are so thankful for the NICU staff of 3 different hospitals, the specialists we see throughout the month and new friends found through a common bond. 

We will also be forever thankful to Ronald McDonald House Hamilton and all the support they provided our family. If you wonder if I will ever stop blogging on the topic of the Ronald McDonald House--that's highly unlikely!  At this moment in time, the best way I know to show my thanks to them is to vote on a daily basis to help them receive an awesome award, giving them the opportunity to put another addition onto their new building--a smaller scale addition, but an "addition" nonetheless. 
Right now our old "home away from home" is
striving for a win in the AVIVA Community Fund competition and their Idea is to build a beautiful new garden for the future families of the House.  Their Idea is specifically called "The Serenity Garden Project: Ronald McDonald House Hamilton." So this week I have been voting my little "Vote Now" button off. 

This is a quick and to the point blog post today.  One more thing I'd be very thankful for is any votes, you, my readers are able to send their way!  You can find their Idea page right here: The Serenity Garden Project
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
The Emperor (Mulan movie)

Thank You!


  1. Truly, we will never forget this amazing HOME for families while they are dealing with medical issues.The physical "house" is a great part, but the people who staff the "home" are wonderful!! Thank you. VOTE... as Carolyn has asked us to do.

  2. We stayed at a Ronald macdonald house at one of the hospitals we stayed at, it truly was a life saver as when families are going through having a sick child, they just need to be close by to them!! We are hopefully getting a ronald macdonald house close our local unit too, that would be amazing xx