1 Jul 2011

O' Canada

Today is a day I consider myself to be a very lucky person.  I am Canadian, born and bred.  Today we have our Veterans to thank for the privilege we have living in our democratic and beautiful country. 
Many years ago legislature passed a universal health care law, which entitles Canadians to excellent health care, without having to fork over thousands of dollars out of pocket for it.  We receive coverage for preventive, maternity, infertility and illness related medical visits.  We are extremely lucky to live in a country, which feels health care is something each citizen deserves.
There have been many times when people have asked me if I was thankful that I did not live in a country in which our twins’ and first son’s medical expenses would not have been paid for automatically.  I was very thankful for that.  We don’t call them “million dollar babies” for nothing!  When we come to think of the expenses that over 3 months of being in a NICU would have racked up X2, we are extremely thankful to live in a country that supports all its citizens, regardless of age, socioeconomic background and ability to pay for it.  Had we not lived in Canada and possibly not had the “right” benefits or insurance company’s willingness to approve all the medical bills, I can’t imagine how we would feel and how a family would survive it.
Over the last few months I’ve been reading more about the needs of premature babies and viewing others’ blogs.  I came across one particular U.S. blogger talking about her fight with the insurance company to ensure her premature baby received the medication for a common fall/winter/spring illness—Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV.)  She had to fight with the insurance company to receive something her child needed?  Something doctor’s support and administer without question if you have had a low-birth weight or premature child for fear of such children acquiring it and not being able to fight it?  That was a scary thought to me.  Such shots cost hundreds of dollars just for one to be administered, let alone up to 5 shots through the winter months.
So, needless to say, one of the many reasons I am very thankful to be Canadian is because of our world-class health care and universal health coverage.
Thank you to the Veterans who helped keep our country free, the citizens and politicians of the past that worked hard to bring universal health care to reality and to those who continue to fight to maintain this amazing service to all Canadians. 

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