3 Jul 2011

World Twins Day - July 3, 2011

Happy World Twins Day to all my readers...if there are any! :) 

It seems there is always something to celebrate each morning I wake up.  I always thought the idea of twins was cool and unusual before I had my own.  It seems these days, however, when I am out and about most people I encounter know twins somehow.  They are often moms of twins that I come across and they have all kinds of advice for me.  Some of the "advice" some of these people give, I wonder why they even opened their mouths to tell me because it is not always so inspirational and sometimes kind of depressing!  For example,  "Having twins never gets any easier."  Gee...thanks!

To start, my experience was a rude introduction to having twins, seeing as they were only 27 weeks along.  Most people I have met in person have twins that were "termies" or 2-4 weeks early, but never 27 weeks or less. 

I do have to say, however, that as the days pass, it really does get easier.  I am in a routine.  I know how to deal with my two babies and how to get through the days with their older brother without wanting to hide (most days I can do it anyway!)

Before my babies were even a thought, I never realized how hard it is to pick out two boys' first and middle names at the same time (we actually had 4 first and 4 middle chosen.)  I never realized how much it cost to have two babies at one time...especially the diapers...up to 20 diapers a day in the early days?!?!  Ouch.  I think our bank account is still recuperating from the shock.

Never did I think how often a baby pees or poops would matter.  For about 12 months we talked in weight gain of grams, not pounds or ounces.  The smallest weight gain was a celebration, especially for the one twin with a heart problem called patent ductus arteriosus, which was making his body burn more calories than needed.

There are so many things to think of when you have twins, but most of the time it is nothing but fun. 
The best part about having twins is seeing two sweet little smiling faces and seeing the smiles they bring to others' faces on a daily basis. :)

So Happy World Twins Day and I hope the twins that you may know have brought a smile to your face today. :)

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