9 Nov 2011

Liebster Blog Award

So after a few moments of thinking about it, I confirmed in my head that, yes, it definitely is Wednesday.  I seriously had to think about this for a few minutes and confirmed it by seeing what was on the T.V. tonight.  If Modern Family is on, I know it's Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to catch the show, as my oldest son was just settling down for the night at the beginning of the show.

So given the fact that it is Wednesday, I considered making this my very first "Wordless Wednesday" post...BUT I figure my opportunities to get on here to blog have been few and far between since getting back into my full time job (aside from my full time job as Mommy,) so I want to make full use of my time...nevermind that it happens to be Wednesday.  My first Wordless Wednesday can wait!

Then I realized I could have a "Wine Down Wednesday," but there is no wine, so I settled for a hot chocolate and a wordy blog.

Way back on October 7, I received a comment from a fellow blogger, Sharon, at http://mammadoitall.blogspot.com/, who let me know she had awarded me with the Liebster Award for bloggers.  She listed me with four other bloggers, as blogs she was enjoying reading and following.  How nice is that?  It really did put a smile on my face to know that a woman in Manhattan, a journalist, was enjoying my writing and passing it on.  So I am going to pass it on now...but it is going to be a two parter (mainly due to lack of time tonight.)

The following blogs are ones I enjoy reading when I get a chance and I hope you'll check them out too.

Changing Diapers and Taking Names at http://findingbrittnemo.blogspot.com/
This blogger hosts Blog Hops, which I love, as do many other bloggers out there.  Blog Hops for those that don't know are intended to help bloggers find other bloggers within their own niche or other interests/hobbies.  She also has a Mom of the Month tab, on which readers can nominate extraordinary moms. Very cool.

Mom is the Only Girl at http://momistheonlygirl@blogspot.com
This is a fun mother, who makes life interesting for her two boys.  It seems like she and her husband set out to teach their boys something new every day in fun and interesting ways.

A Mommy Blog Design Studio at http://www.amommysblogdesignstudio.com/
This is a business, however, I do like her blog posts on the topics of how to make blogs work, especially for all us mommy bloggers out here.  Not only does she provide good information, but she also has fun designs and blog packages that can be purchased.

I'm going to name two more, but not now...it's 11:30 and I am exhausted!

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