23 Jan 2012

And the beat goes on...

At 20.5 months, we are well over 350 appointments that we have gone to or have attended in our own home.  The appointments never end!

My calendar continues to be a constantly changed and updated item that I cannot live without.  I wouldn't know where I was supposed to be each morning (aside from being at work) if I didn't have my calendar.  While I was on maternity leave I took the twins to all of their appointments.  I only had to manage their appointments and it was straight forward and uncomplicated...although the calendar was always packed.

Now that I have been back to work for just about 5 months, my calendars are a mess!! Yes, calendarssss.  My hubby has been added into the mix of taking the twins to some appointments.  Now I update my hard copy daily planner, my work Outlook Express calendar, an online email calendar, which sends invites to my hubby's Blackberry.  Can you say over complicated? LOL.  I can't see my husband wanting to refer to an actual hard copy calendar and I know he'd forget it more often than not. 

Then of course we have our son's pre-school daycare calendar to refer to and make sure he doesn't miss out on "Wacky Hair-Do Day," because we forgot to check! God forbid! 

We are still averaging 2-3 appointments per week and it's a lot to balance.  Sometimes I really don't know the actual day of the week.  I just know where I am supposed to be and who we are supposed to be seeing because I made sure to check the night before.  The rest of the time I'm at work!

In one year I wasn't late and never missed a single appointment.  I go back to work and share the duties of getting the twins to appointment and one appointment I didn't know was scheduled because it never went on the calendar(s).  We missed another because it conflicted with an evening Christmas concert and I forgot all about an appointment. Oopsie! Then today, our third mishap...I sent my hubby and twins out in the pouring rain to their speech therapy appointments, only to have the therapist arrive at our front door...where the twins weren't.  Whoops!

All in all, I think we are kicking butt getting our little guys to the places they need to be.  We've had our moments, but I think our track record still remains pretty darn good.  That's what I'll keep telling myself!

And after today's mishap and a huge apologetic email off to our therapist, I arrive home to another invitation to 2 follow up appointments in March!  All in a day's work!

And the beat goes on...

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