20 Apr 2012

Twins + A Shopoholic = Scary

Rows and Rows of Clothing!
Tomorrow I will be attending my third POMBA (Parents of Multiple Births Association) seasonal sale.  This sale is ginormous! It's the sale of sales.  In this sale, those selling, will be selling single strollers, twins strollers, triplets strollers, gently used clothing, toys and all kinds of baby gear--high chairs in multiples, bikes, trikes, Exersaucers, Bumbos, you name it...we've got it!

When I first arrived on the scene of POMBA, I was about 6 months pregnant (and what I didn't know then, only about three weeks from my sudden delivery date.)  When I arrived at this sale, I immediately knew, this is where I "belong."  There were rows and rows of tiny baby clothing up to about age 12 or so.  There were baby toys, equipment, nursing pillows stacked high, and anything else "baby" that one can think of.  It was like a kid's first visit to Toys R Us! Where to focus?  What to walk to first, at a very fast pace, without looking like a crazy person?

When many first find out they are having twins, they think, Oh my Looorrd...how are we going to afford this?? Seriously??  You might start thinking of an upgrade from a car to a crossover...or in my case the horrid mommy vehicle of all mommy vehicles...the mini-van!  The father in the scenario might have gone into panic attacks over money issues as soon as he heard the ultrasound technologist say, "It's twins."  Or maybe he thought that after you pulled him up off the exam room's floor.  Either way, having children, let alone twins is not cheap. 

Once I came upon this POMBA sale I realized how great this opportunity would be to make money back off the items I sell and then be able to put that "newly found" money into the next major items we would need.  It's an awesome and perfect cycle.  Out with the old, in with the new.  If this sale didn't exist in my life, I would not have such an understanding hubby, who likes money...in his bank account...not invested in all kinds of kids gizmos and gadgets.  The fact of the matter is that many of the big ticket items for babies and children never actually seem to depreciate in value much.  This is another big perk of this kind of sale.  Sometimes you can buy an item, use it for a short period of time and then potentially turn around and sell it for the exact same price you or very close to the price you bought it for.  Not that I am saying you can buy your kid a soccer ball, kick it around all summer long and then expect it sell it for the same $8.99 you bought it for at Walmart.  It is the big ticket items, like a stroller or a highchair, which you take good care of and use it as any normal parent would, then turn around and sell it when the kid(s) grow out of it.  These are items that I have yet to really suffer any major loss over cost.   

Tomorrow I will be shopping with my lists of needs and wants to prepare for the upcoming Summer months.  A few clothing items, possibly some decent backyard toys, a bike and whatever else pops out.  If you're not afraid of consignment shops or gently used kids clothes and toys stores, then this kind of sale is also for you!

If you follow this link you can find Canadian POMBA (Multiple Births Canada) Chapters and their "clothing sales."  http://www.multiplebirthscanada.org/english/index.php

If you follow this link you will be connected to the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs in the United States, where you can find sale information on clothing sales under, "Member Club Links." http://www.nomotc.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=51&Itemid=49

These sales are well worth the time and effort to store your items and then sell them each season or each time your Club has a sale. 


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    1. Twintrospectives25 April 2012 at 21:00

      Thank you Felix. These sales are lots of fun (even for the men)!