29 May 2012

May Mania

May is just about on its way out and I'm exhausted!  May is a month I had aimed to try to not have children.  Seriously.  With family birthdays in March, April, May + Mother's Day, June - an anniversary + Father's Day, I saw July as being the best spot to try to have children, plus my husband and I liked the idea of having fun summertime birthday parties, like the ones I grew up with.

Instead, we had three babies due in July, who chose to show up as a our Spring Chicks in May.  So we work with what we are given, right?  Three little boys' birthdays within 10 days of each other.  Talk about exhausting!  One happens to land the weekend of Mother's Day and a party is usually thrown that Saturday.  This year, thankfully, we went a little smaller scale for the twins' birthday.  We made up for it 10 days later with 16 kids ages four and under, running around a hot, stuffy room with paint brushes as weapons in their hands.  This year's theme was Super Heroes, which seemed fitting, considering we think we've got some pretty Super Preemies, who battled so many odds and have come out of it spectacularly well.  We had the kids in a Batman, Superman and tried a Spiderman shirt for the Big Brother, but he wasn't having it that day! Of course! The shirt was purchased specifically for this day and he pulls Big 4-Year Old Attitude! Wow!

This month we also helped with the Ronald McDonald House fundraising again and for fun, I threw in running a garage sale.  One thing I do continue to wonder is, where does all this STUFF come from?  I even ask for donations or to pull back from excess shopping for birthday parties, yet, we have all of this STUFF...

Thoughts of piles of junk throughout my house aside, we've had a wonderful month with lots of nature walks and hanging out in the amazing sunshine, which we miss so much here in Canada during the winter months.  We've been making up for lost time!  We were able to get out to a picnic for Canada's National Multiple Births Awareness Day this past Sunday for with our Chapter of the Parents of Multiple Births Association.

So between all of this and my trying to plan and master part of my new job description, which is involving planning and developing of online blog, website and other social media content, my brain has been in overdrive...hence the lack of blog posts this month. 

Just some of the STUFF occupying my home!
Does it ever end??
Now coming up for the month of June is Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, here in Ontario.  I will help raise awareness and will certainly have a post coming up on the topic.  Bring on June! I am ready!

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