8 May 2011

A NICU Mom Loves Poopy Diapers! Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day.  This is a day that I get to reflect on my life, flipped upside down by premature babies and the experiences that followed in just two years.  My first son was born 7 minutes before my first Mother's Day, which was a special gift.  Although my baby was born 8.5 weeks early at the time and we were stressed to the max, Mother's Day would become a very special day as a mother in two ways.  My first son's 1st birthday landed on Mother's Day, which was doubly special.

A 1st birthday and 2nd Mother's Day together!

This is my second Mother's Day with my twins.  My twins were born one week before Mother's Day last year.  Last year on Mother's Day, while in the NICU, I was able to change Baby A's diaper for the first time since he arrived. 

It is amazing what small things can make a NICU mother so happy and shed tears of happiness!  While most moms and dads are arguing over who has to change the next poopy diaper...NICU parents are jumping for joy when babies pee and poop and look forward to changing the first of many diapers.  If both parents can't always be in the NICU, then a schedule is often made up as to which parent will be there for each three hour diaper change, tube feed, bottle feed or nursing experience. 

Slow and steady wins the race.
Here I am carrying out the delicate and cautious procedure of changing Baby A for the first time, who was not quite 3 lbs. yet

Yesterday we celebrated our oldest son's 3rd birthday and had a big party with lots of friends and family.  He is very proud to say his brothers are now 1 and he is 3 years old. 

Now, if we could only get the 3 year old to be fully potty trained...because really...we have double the diaper duties to continue with even when the oldest can fend for himself.

Happy Mother's Day to those currently in the NICU, all NICU grads, mommies with Angels, and all other amazing mommies out there!  It's a beautiful day!

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