2 May 2011

1 Year

Yesterday my babies celebrated their first birthday!  What a major feat when you think of all they went through in their early days! 

We had our direct family over to watch them mouth and gum on smaller sized cupcakes made just for them, which was their first real taste of something sugary.  As they were 3 months early, their corrected age is 9 months and they have been working at meeting many of the milestones for the average 9 month old baby.  Baby A did an awesome job at smooshing the cake and icing in his right hand and smearing it on his face.  Baby B seems to be the cautious baby, clean and tidy was his method for cupcake eating.

At the end of our night, we learned while channel surfing and then our favourite Sunday evening show starring the one and only Trump was interrupted for "Breaking News," alerting the world to the fact that terrorist Osama bin Laden was taken out by a group of US Navy Seals in Pakistan!  Amazing news! Great news to end what was a very memorable year for my family.  Close to 10 years of waiting for this man to show up and be caught.  I am glad my children will not know much of this man, except what may be taught in history books.  I hope, going forward, my children will not learn of or be subjected to such hatred and disrespect for other walks of life, values and ways of life.  I can hope...

We also enter into year two of the twins' life with the SAME Prime Minister! Go figure!  After a call to vote, Canadians have voted Stephen Harper as a majority government leader. 

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