21 Sep 2013

The Bed Rest I Didn't Get

Bed rest. It can mean different things to different women. To one woman it could be nothing but a memory of fear and isolation. To another it could be a time she took to deal with the facts of life, take one day at a time and do what she could to get her baby as far along to term as possible. To me it's a time I didn't get and really do wish I had been given the opportunity, but it just didn't work out that way.

Since I didn't get bed rest while carrying my twins, it really is a whole other world I don't really understand. Much like the NICU is a whole other world that most people I meet have no idea about. Ever.

In recent weeks I've been chatting to mothers who have been and expectant mothers who are currently on various forms of bed rest, from being at home and taking it easy to being on strict bed rest in the hospital. I have been learning more about this world I know little about. Some things are surprising and some things I really just never thought of before and why would I if I wasn't in the situation, right? But what I do realize because of the type of work I do, is that it is so important to understand as much as possible about the unique experiences of all the mothers I may encounter, work with or befriend. We all have an interesting story to tell, which sometimes has immense challenges and these mothers truly are warriors.

This week I was asked to review a brand new e-book written by a mother who was on bed rest in hospital, while hoping to hold on to her triplets pregnancy as long as possible. Angela Bickford has written a book that is a quick, funny and helpful read and kept me engaged even though I was never a bed resting mommy. The book talks about some of the silliest, most bizarre kinds of situations every day women are being plunked into at their doctor's orders, but it also discusses some of the challenges and how partners, friends and families can continue to support a mother on bed rest. I think it's a great read for anyone involved in helping a mom get through the bed rest stage of a pregnancy.

I found the section in chapter 9 talking about what friends can do for a friend on bed rest really helpful and I'll be sure to remember some of the ideas for expectant parents I may encounter in the future. There are helpful tips and advice for the expectant mom, the father, the friends and family, so I would recommend anyone involved in a bed resting mommy's situation be handed this book to read to quickly be in the know and do what they can to help the expectant mother make it through.

Angela is a mother to triplets, who lost one and is currently raising the surviving two. She is passionate about telling her story through public speaking, writing in publications, on her own blog and the How Do You Do It? Where moms of multiples tell it like it is blog. You can find her book, Beating Bed Rest available to purchase on her website.

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