19 Feb 2014

Blossoming Blog

I’ve been pretty busy with life and it’s been a while since my last post. Not that I haven’t been blogging, I have, but for a couple of other groups I’ve added into my mix. I work full time, parent full time and try to include my blog and other exciting opportunities in my monthly routine as best as I can.

Three years ago, when I started this blog, I thought to myself, I will make something of it. Blogging is hard to keep up and many lose their momentum. When I started blogging my purpose was to reach other parents of premature children, as well as multiple-births children. I wanted this blog to take off and blossom. I was on maternity leave when I started Twintrospectives and was able to squeeze in lots of blog writing during nap times. Little did I know how connected I would become to the parents I aimed to reach, right across the world! Initially I worked hard to participate in blog hops to share the details of my new blog and it was very exciting to see new comments and visits to my blog.

In the early days, I didn’t know where this blogging thing would take me, but I was pretty determined to make something of it. I wasn’t setting out to monetize my blog (back when I didn’t actually know what monetizing meant), rather I truly wanted to connect with others or at the very least share my thoughts and opinions on raising premature babies and hope that someone would either get a good laugh out of some of my predicaments or identify with my experiences and feel like they’re not alone.

This blog has given me the confidence to reach out to the preemie community and connect in ways I never imagined. The conversations that have stemmed from this blog and Twitter have led to new friendships and professional connections. I am so grateful for both!

The biggest thing the existence of this blog has taught me is that if you take the time to say something that matters to you with complete honesty, people will listen and respond. Doors you didn’t realize existed will open.

I’d love for you to check out some of the groups and organizations I am working with now, which has so much to do with having started this blog 3 years ago.

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